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According to University Rule 75% attendance is compulsory
Session 2012-2013
Library Department
Research Work
Subject Study Board
Science Club
Games and Sports
National Cadet Corp
Natioanl Social Scheme
Women Counselling cent
Employment Guidance
Bakery Production Cen.
Alumni Association
Parent Teacher Club
Nature Club
Green House
Ladies Room
Co-operative Store
Students Welfare Fund


Academic Staff
Senior College Teching Staff
S.N. Name
1. Shri. P.P. Gawande Lecturer M.Com Commerce
2. Dr. V.J. Reddy Lecturer M.A.(Eng.)P.H.D. English
3. Dr. R.K. Seakh Lecturer M.A.(Eco.)M.Fill P.H.D. Economics
4. Ku. S.K. Revse Lecturer M.A.(Mar.)B.Ed.M.Fill NET Marathi
5. Shri. W.J. Wasu Lecturer M.A.(Hist.) History
6. Shri. A.R. Ingle Lecturer M.A.(Mar.)NET, Marathi
7. Dr. Ku. M.J.Ingole Lecturer M.A.(Mar.)B.Ed,M.Fill,P.H.D. ( Poli.Sci.) Marathi
8. Shri. S.L. Khandel Lecturer M.A.(Eng.) English
9. Shri. W.J. Padghan Lecturer M.A.(Hist.) M.Fill History
10 Shri. P.W. Pantawane Lecturer M.A.(Poli.Sci) SET  
11. Shri U.B. Sangolkar Lecturer M.A.(Eco.)NET Economics
12. Shri. J.Y. Wankhade Lecturer M.Com,M.Fill,B.Ed Commerce
13. S.N. Kayade Lecturer M.A.(Poli.Sci.) Political Science
14. Shri. H.A.Akbote Lecturer M.Com.SET Commerce
Junior College Teching Staff
1. Shri D.S. Badrkhe Lecturer M.A.(Eco.) B.Ed. Economics
2. D.M. Kambe Lecturer M.A.(His.) Hostory
3. Miss. L.B. Thorat Lecturer MA.(Mat.) Marathi
4. Ku. P.N. Tarale Lecturer M.A.(Eco./Mar.) B.Ed. Eco./Mar.
5 Shri. S.K Ture Lecturer M.A.B.Ed.M.Fill Poli.Science
6. Shri. N.L. Khandare Lecturer M.Com.B.Ed. Commerce
7. Ku. M.B. Mahalle Lecturer M.A.B.Ed English

Physical Faculty

1. Shri. A.O. Raghuvanshi   M.A.B.Ed.M.P.Ed.M.Com.B.P.Ed.B.Ed. Senior
2. Shri. S.B. Lunge   M.Com.B.Ed.B.Ed Junior
1. Shri.D.T. Mohod Lecturer B.E.(Mac.)D.M.E.  
2. Shri. P.B.Bhagvat Produsir D.M.E


3. Shri. A.W. Wankhade Lecturer D.C.R.E.  
4. Shri.T.W. Sadar Produsir D.C.E  
5. Shri. J.V. Andhare Lecturer M.Com.B.Ed.  
6. Shri. D.S. Bharmbe Produsir M.Com.B.Ed.  
Library Faculty
1. Shri. A.D. Vikhe Library Attendant M.Com.M.L.I.S.C.S.L.  
2. Shri. P.M. Talle Library Attendant    
3. Shri. C.B. Amankar Library Attendant  


Non-Teaching Staff
2. Shri. S.S. Gotarkar Clerk    
3 Shri. S.S. Davnge Senior Clerk    
5. Shri.D.L. Agrawal Junior Clerk    
6. Shri. R.A. Jamnik Junior Clerk    
7. Shri. A.M. Chavan Junior Clerk    
8. Shri. S.M. Thakare Junior Clerk    
9. Shri. S.M. Tale Peon    
10. Shri. S.U. Falke Peon    
11. Shri. A.K. Pande Peon    
12. Shri. S.A. Chavan Peon    
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