About English Department

Vision, Mission & Goal of English Department:

“Enhancing General and Communicative English of Student Fraternity”
          With the establishment of the College, the English department too came into existence in 1966. We have proudly surmounted many challenges and have achieved success in achieving the set goals with dedicated efforts.

          The department of English is the largest department in the college as we have students from all faculties (Humanities, Science & commerce) enrolled. The college and the department share the common pursuit for academic excellence at every level. We also recognise the importance of progress as human, and work accordingly in this regard. The department has substantial number of faculty, well versed and trained in their field of both language and literature.
          To impart the English language skills to the students mainly from underprivileged section has always been the mission of the department. We, as a department, have UG course for students that focuses upon the communicative skills and the overall growth of the student as a person. We have the career oriented course. We also conduct the remedial and extra coaching classes for the betterment of the students, both from strong and weak group of students. The faculties believe in developing the literary sense of students, as literature always prove vital in blooming into a good human being. The faculties are also committed to the effective teaching and research to help student develop critical and creative outlook. We have proudly maintained the atmosphere of interactive participation in classes and also in the department.

Motto of Department

The department of English has a well stacked library of its own that the students benefit from. We use both traditional and modern technology to make students understand the topics more properly. We have audio-visual facility in the department. The department believes in changing as per time the faculties also develop their knowledge that profits students in the end.

Highlights of Department

The department, every year conduct many beneficial programmes for the students. Essay Competation, Elocution, Debate, Seminars, Rainbow Poster Presentation, Competitions, department English Literary Association, Educational Tour,Workshops on Communication Skills in English.

PPT :- Dr. S.L. Khandel

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PPT :- Dr.C.N.Rathod

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