Physical Education

About Department

Dr. H.N. Sinha Arts & Commerce College, Patur District Akola run by Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati was started in 1966. Sport was the first priority of founder president of Shri Shivaji Education Society Shri Panjabrao Deshmukh. The Department of Physical Education and Sports is always working with the aim of giving good health to everyone by imparting good sports training to all the students through various indoor and outdoor sports. The aim of Physical Education and Sports Department is all round development of each and every student as well as society. It aimed to build the strong builders for the Nation through Regular physical activity which help to improve cardio respiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce the risk of developing health conditions, and promote general health and mental health. The main motive of physical education is to make every child physically, mentally and emotionally fit and help the children to live happily with others and make him/her as a good citizen. We have various outdoor & indoor Sports such as Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Throwing and Jumping Sector and Indoor games like chess, Table-Tennis, Carrom, Yogasana, Judo, Wrestling available in the campus.


To make youth aware of the importance of Games and Sports (Physical Activities) in the overall development i.e. Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual.

Aims & Objectives of Physical Education Department:

  • To keep the students active and free-minded
  • To help maintain a healthy life
  • To develop the body agile and flexible
  • To grow a sportsperson’s spirit
  • To develop movement proficiency
  • To have a proper appetite and sound sleep
  • To concentrate on studies
  • To develop motor skills
  • To generate behavioral changes; physical and cognitive
  • To integrate the mental strength
  • Improves body language and communication skills
  • Enhances creativity of mind and aesthetic senses
  • Nourishes the mind with ethical values
  • Grows confidence and prepares for the future
  • To retain emotional stability during a crisis
  • Teaches to love and respect Nature

  • Future Plan:

    1. Sports medicine lab for students and staff.
    2. Multi-gym with more advance equipment and facilities.
    3. Organization of inter- colligate sports in college campus.
    4. Community services: The department will provide the services in and out of the college campus for the well being of the whole society by making them physically and mentally fit.
    5. Facility of audio visual aids while conducting the classes of Aerobics, yoga and self defense.
    6. Proposals will be submitted for State Govt. and UGC Sports grants for development of sports Infrastructure in college campus.
    7. Provide Physical fitness training to college student, staff and society.
    8. Organize guest lectures and invited talks.

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