Historical & Cultural Patur

Ancient ‘Parashar’nagar means today’s ‘Patur’ situated in the lap of the mountain,Patur city is identified by names as “Nanasaheb’s Patur’ or ‘Patur Shahababu’. The city has four sides large defence wall with large four Doors.Even today’shahababu ves, ‘balapur ves’,Gond Ves’,are existed,the only ‘khanapur ves’ is swallowed in the belly of time.on the east Bhuddhashram,and to the west ancient caves are existed.It is said that patur’s Jain Chaitya Vihar,is erected by Jain King ‘ILLA’in 1057. The places like “sahababu dargh,Bitch Zira,Jagatmata Renuka devi mandir’,nanasaheb Mandir,Dipmala in nanasaheb Mandir,pious place by the touch of the feet of Shri Chakradhar-Kawaleshwar,Bordi or Suvarna River Which is famous for gold coins even today are best examples (Witness) of historical and cultural background of Patur.

In Patur surrounding village deity ‘Ravan, (Sangola), ‘Kazimahal’, Shri Vishnumandir, ’Koleshwar Mandir’ (Batrshtakali), ‘Rudrayani Mata’ (Chincholi), Fifteen Hundred Years old ‘Vatvruksha’ (Ambashi), ‘Chakardharswami’s Charankit Sthal’ (Patur, Barshtakali, Ghatali, Yelwan, Alegaon), Vishunathabas Balapurkar’s the writer of ‘Dhnyaprabodha’, Hingan Wadegaon, Temple like ‘Jageshwar’ (Wadegaon), ‘Moreshwar’ (Sindhakheda), and other ancient historical information and unique natural beauty is beyond our sight.

As this city got religious cultural and historical heritage various religions and reces like Suffi, Jain, Warkari, Mahanubhav, Datta, Nath Panth are lived happily here.This is the outstanding achievement of the city.

Today, farmers of this area provides flowers and fruits to all Maharashtra because of abundant natural treasure Patur is known as ‘Califorina of Vidarbha’.

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