Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati was established in the month of December 2, 1932. The vision of the society is to make special efforts for the progress of education in vidarbha and elsewhere, particularly for the poor and backward classes and whereas it is necessary to start special institutions for achieving this objectives, in the faculties of Agriculture, Science, Literature, Commerce,Industry, Arts and Law and to encourage Games And Sport Women Education, Biotechnology Medical Education, with Hospital and Medical Research Centre Etc.


'Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya’:- “LEAD ME FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT” This is a prayer taken from Rigweda, having a noble and exalted mission. This is the noble mission of Shri Shivaji Education Society Amravati. Hence ultimately the institution becomes a natural heir to the mission of the society. As per the above shloke, the institution too is determined to strive for the removal of Darkness from Human Mindset through Education and thereby bring Light and Wisdom into Human Life. As the institution is located in rural area the students are children of farmers belonging to low-earning families. The institution will provide best opportunities in the field of education to the unprivileged, poor and backward class students. It will be with the help of modern infrastructure and learning resources and other facilities. The institution from its inception is earnestly, steadily and sincerely endeavored to bring this mission to fruition.


The institution was established in the year 1966, right from its inception has committed itself to follow the following goals.

  • To bring about higher educational progress in rural areas.

  • To encourage women education.

  • To encourage physical, cultural, social and educational development within the students

  • To co-operate with government organization and non government organization for the purpose of promoting the cause of education and spread of knowledge and culture.

  • To provide various facilities for social development by the means of infrastructure available in the institution.

  • To bring about upliftment in the educational standards of the poor and backward class students.


  • To promote the cause of education, to provide facilities for the acquisition of knowledge and information and the advancement in culture.

  • To enable the rural students to acquire the self confident to lead respectable and prosperous life.

  • To undertake and make available facilities for research in science.

  • To encourage women education by admitting them to various subjects and facilities.

  • To encourage at overall physical and cultural development of students fraternity through various extracurricular activities.

  • To provide platform to the students by giving them an opportunity to face all the challenges of the competitive world with almost utilization of their potential in sports, athletics, cultural and other events.

  • To organize and run tournament competitions, cultural festivals etc.

  • To organize seminars, conferences, poetic meets etc.

  • To adapt new technology and methods for effective teaching learning process and acquaint the students to recent development in the world.

  • To inculcate social, national and human values in young generations through education and thereby contribute to the nation building.

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